How to buy

1. Select your Frames

EyeD Optics sells optical and sunwear frames that can have either prescription or non-prescription lenses. If you wish to purchase multiple frames utilizing different prescriptions (for example, your distance prescription and your reading prescription), you will have to place those orders separately.

a. Optical Frames: To order an optical frame, select the desired frame and click the “Add Lenses” button to add it to your order. When you checkout, you will have the option of choosing between three types of eyewear, each featuring a different lens type:

  • . Clear Lenses
  • . Digital Protection Lenses
  • . Transition Lenses
  • . Sunglass Lenses

b. Select the Type of lenses of your choice by clicking the button "Next" to then add your perscription. Choose how you will be using your leneses (i.e. Distance, Near, or progressive - distance and near use for those who have an add power perscribed by their doctor).

2. Provide Your Prescription

If you are purchasing prescription eyewear, you can provide your prescription information by one of the following methods:

  • . Uploading a picture of your prescription from your computer:
  • . Asking us to call your doctor for your prescription information (you'll have to give your doctor permission to share your prescription wth us);or
  • . Providing it after you complete your transaction in-store or online by emailing along with your name and order number at 877.277.6340.

Please note that your prescription must be valid on the date you place your order. If your prescription does not include an expiration date, we will fill
your order in accordance with applicable legal requirements or within two years of the date of the prescription. If your prescription or order
information is incomplete, we may need to take additional measures to track down current information, which could mean you have to wait longer
for your glasses.

3. Pupillary Distance Measurement

We will also need your Pupillary Distance (”PD”) (fancy words to describe the distance between your pupils) to fill your order. If your PD is not on your prescription, our licensed optometrists and opticians (or trained sales associates where allowed by law) can measure your PD when you visit certain of our retail stores, or you can have a local optical shop measure your PD. Online sites provide self-measurement tools, but there is always a risk that your measurement is not as accurate as one performed by a trained eye care professional. By using those tools, you acknowledge that risk and agree that we will not be responsible for any inaccuracies in your PD.

4. High Index Lens Option

If your prescription has a sphere greater than +4.00 or less than -4.00, you have the option to purchase high index lenses for an additional fee. These lenses are even thinner and lighter than our standard lenses and are great for users with strong prescriptions. These lenses may not, however, be appropriate for our younger or more active customers because they are less impact-resistant than most of the lenses we sell.

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